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If you are giving any consideration to seeing a Chiropractor, you are among many millions of Americans who have done so and found excellent results and satisfaction.  Over the recent years, alternative care has become a very popular healthcare solution for back pain as well as general health and wellness.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss whether or not a natural health approach would be an appropriate decision for you.  

Reese Family Chiropractic, SC is highly respected in our community.  We have been serving the Jacksonville area and surrounding communities for over 50 years; dating back to M. Nolan Smith, D.C. (1953-1989) and currently with Douglas K. Reese, D.C. (1989-present); and now serving your Beardstown community with James N. Martin, D.C. (2015-present). Our patients tell us that we truly care about them and their overall health and wellness.  We offer a friendly and professional environment in which we provide personal attention to each patient. 

Initially, our main concern would be to find any structural imbalances and correct them to bring your body back into balance that it needs in order to eliminate pain and begin the healing process.  Nutritional and exercise recommendations are also given to help injured soft tissue and to expedite your healing.  We also have a licensed massage therapist on site to help with muscle tension caused by stress of our hectic lives.  

It would be both an honor and a privilege to have you as a patient.  If you would like to discuss your problems or concerns, please call Reese Family Chiropractic at 217-245-4810 to schedule an appointment with our Jacksonville or Beardstown office.  Remember our first priority is you and your health, if after our initial consultation, we make a determination that you would not benefit from an alternative approach, we will refer you to another healthcare professional.  Our office works with many local orthopedists, physical therapists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, as well as other alternative care practitioners.

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